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Essential Tips for Parents on Early Christmas

With holidays, kids have plenty of spare time to play and sports, but when it comes to Christmas, they forget other activities and concentrate on wishing for their desired gifts. Christmas morning is supposed to be fun and carefree for kids and parents, too! There’s nothing worse than forgetting to put presents before the little ones get awake. You either have to place the gifts after they sleep and wake up early from them.

Well, there is nothing we can do to ensure what time our little ones wake up but there is something we can do to catastrophes that could happen so that everyone can have a happy, fun, and stress-free Christmas morning. One just has to make sure buying the right Toys and Games for their kids that they wish for. 

Christmas Morning with Kids

Christmas Morning with Kids

Here are a few tips to avoid disaster during Christmas morning with kids: 

  • To avoid your little ones waking up before Santa puts those presents around the tree, make sure you put the presents out the night before. You won’t like your kids to find out anything before time except Christmas Ornaments.
  • If you have pets then you better be concerned about them ruining all the wrapping or packing. Simply, confine the pets to one room or keep them in the bedroom with you so that they can’t mess with the presents.
  • If you have infants and toddlers, make sure they don’t witness the Christmas tree downstairs during the night time. Make sure the kids know a baby gate is there to serve as a reminder that they can’t just run to the tree, they need to come wake you first in order to go downstairs.
  • Another thing you can do to keep the kiddos from running right to the tree is to have Santa leave one present in their bedroom for them to find that would keep them occupied for a few minutes while you are getting up and hitting the restroom or brushing your teeth first, before you are ready to do the present thing.
  • If toys that are held securely in their boxes like gold in Fort Knox, leave a pair of scissors and a couple of screwdrivers somewhere near where they will be opening their presents. This will prepare the kids to ready them right before they start playing.
  • If you don’t want to deal with screwdrivers and toy assembling, open those packages BEFORE you wrap them and do all the strenuous work yourself. For the littlest of kiddos, you can even go ahead and free the entire thing and wrap it loose in its box or just get rid of the box altogether before wrapping. Don’t buy such toys that will become a headache for your kids in building first.
  • If you are worried about kids having a bite before gift opening, take extra care for food. Place the candy bars and dry cereal in baggies or granola bars ready for them to munch on while they are busily tearing their gifts. You can also use Gift Baskets with yummy delights. 
  • If cranky, tired kids are your worry, no matter what you are doing the night before Christmas, make sure the little ones go to bed at right time. Also, make sure they don’t get up too early and set off all alarms.
  • What tips and suggestions can you add to this list to help make Christmas morning less messy? Share your thoughts through social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to make every family stay excited and have fun.


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