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Tips to Buy a Cheap Digital SLR Camera


Nowadays, an emerging craze towards the cameras can be seen. Social media has created a trend of taking pictures and uploading them. Especially, the teenagers are seen to be fond of cameras. Else than that, there are many people who like moving around the world and like capturing the nature to save the glorious moments that they can’t see again and again.

The nag of buying DSLRs originated when people started going with the trend. These cameras beat the point and shoot cameras in providing a quality image capturing with manual setting by which one can control the ISO, saturation, HDR and more. These high dimensional cameras are being made by a number of merchants, but following tips must be kept in mind for the right in-budget DSLR.

What is your status?

The foremost thing before buying a camera is whether you are a beginner, entry level or a professional. If you are a beginner and you know very little about these cameras, we would recommend you to go with Nikon D3200/D3300 or Canon EOS 750D/700D. These cameras are beginners oriented which will help you to learn photography. And if you are a professional, you must know for what type of photography you want a camera. Then you can go for the latest DSLR Cameras.

Why do you need a camera?

Why you need a camera is also important. Whether you want it for parties, professional activities or you want it just for the sake of fun. If it is for just fun, then go for the beginner models that would be cheaper in price and also easy to handle. And if you are a professional photographer then you would know how to handle the big cameras like Nikon D810, Canon EOS 5Ds and more. These cameras would be your best choice or else you know what type of camera you are searching for.  No camera is the all-in-one type to fulfill all your needs. Some cameras are good for portraits, others for aerial photography or landscape photography. The category for which you want to do photography decides which type of camera you should buy.


Don’t go for Megapixels

While buying a DSLR camera, you should not choose the camera just on the basis of the megapixels. Sometimes the camera with lesser megapixels can give better results than the one with more pixels. There are more things to effect the picture quality like ISO, focal length, sensors, battery life and more. Here again comes the problem of the category of your photography. If you are using the camera of portraits for the landscape photography, even more pixels won’t do the job.



If you are buying a camera just for fun than ignore the accessories like tripods and monopods etc. because they will just increase the bill amount for you. And if you are a professional photographer, then look at the accessories and find the best of them because you will then need them on the regular basis. Buying a memory card with high capacity for photos can reduce burden for a long time.

Research at Renowned Stores

If you are a beginner and you do not know much about a camera you should visit renowned stores because they would not give you the bad products as they have to maintain their quality. But if you are a professional and know specifications of a camera and about the things to be checked before the final purchase, visit a camera market and find the most appropriate one for yourself.

DSLR Price Comparison

Before going for a final purchase by figuring out the set of qualities, visit the market or different retailers online that will let you know about the price differences at different stores. Don’t sacrifice quality just to save some pennies. But if you get the best quality products at cheap prices, go for it. With price comparison tool here, you can go for a particular DSLR and search out the store which can offer the least price for it. Most bargain stores in electronics and cameras offer the percentage off deals.

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