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Samsung BD-J5700 Blu-Ray Player
Store: Factory Outlet Store
Samsung UBD-KM85C/ZAR Blu-Ray Player
Store: Factory Outlet Store
Samsung BD-J6300 Blu-Ray Player
Store: Factory Outlet Store
Samsung UBD-M8500/ZA Blu-ray Player
Store: Factory Outlet Store
Samsung BD-J5100/ZA Blu-Ray Player
Store: Factory Outlet Store
Samsung UBD-M9500/ZA Blu-ray Player
Store: Factory Outlet Store

Useful Buying Guide for Blu-ray Players

You can find many different Blu ray players here with different price ranges where customers often find themselves confused on which one to buy. Here is a smart guide for your Blu ray player shopping:

Average Priced Blu-ray Players

Here, customers can easily find the average priced Blu ray player whose prices are less than $100. They have all the basic features for the Blu ray tag including the tendency to play Blu ray DVDs and other DVDs and CDs. HDMI and USB ports are a part of their specifications also.

Above-Average Priced Blu-ray Players

Their prices can be located between dollar 100 to 200. These above-averaged players have extra features of inbuilt WIFI accessibility which enables them to give high-end internet facilities. Live streaming is a premier feature which lets customers stream live movies, TV shows and music on demand via VUDU, Netflix, Amazon and other known sites. These players can upconvert the standard video quality to high definition.

High Priced Blu-ray Players

The highly priced Blu ray players exceed over $200 and have quality features of 3D picture brilliance with movie experience comparable with the theater. With high speed, internal storage option and advance connections for videos and audio, high priced players have an appropriate operating system and gaming console features.

Feature Preferences

While you are choosing which Blu ray player to buy, you must prefer certain features you must have over desirable. Ethernet cable connections are very outdated so one must have a player with inbuilt WIFI capability. Live streaming features are also must-haves which allow people to save money with movies on demand. These movies can also be rented on minor expenses. 3D playing feature is the modern technology which will pass on for many years with increasing demands and prices, so it should be there in the player you buy.

Please Note: We compare the products prices from over 60 million products and thousands of stores to find the best blu ray player deals for you. We do our best efforts to verify the products prices displayed on Merchants can change the blu ray player sale prices anytime without notice. Please always confirm the final price before you buy blu ray player at the merchants website.