Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones
$19.99 (lowest price)
Available from 2 Stores
Samson SR850 Semi-Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones
Veho VEP-008-Z8 - 360 deg; Z8 Designer Aluminium Headphones
Plantronics 89918-78 Blackwire C310-M - Headset
$39.95 (lowest price)
Available from 7 Stores
Scosche Premium Headphones with Controls
$11.99 (lowest price)
Available from 5 Stores
Koss TM-602 Headphone
$4.99 (lowest price)
Available from 7 Stores
Avid AE-808RED AE-808 Stereo Headphone - Red
$11.98 (lowest price)
Available from 5 Stores
HAF160W JVC HAF160W Gumy Ear Bud Headphone White
$6.99 (lowest price)
Available from 10 Stores
House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphone
$24.99 (lowest price)
Available from 4 Stores
JVC HA-FX8-Z Earphone
$8.54 (lowest price)
Available from 8 Stores
Inland Lightweight Stereo Headphone
$5.92 (lowest price)
Available from 5 Stores
JVC HA-EB75 Earphone
$8.99 (lowest price)
Available from 10 Stores
Panasonic RP-HTF600 Headphone - Stereo Silver Mini-phone
Koss KTXPRO1 On-Ear Headphones
$17.00 (lowest price)
Available from 8 Stores
WICKED WI-8000 Chill Headphones (Black)
$7.39 (lowest price)
Available from 2 Stores
Koss In-Line Headphone Volume Controller
$9.49 (lowest price)
Available from 12 Stores
VIBE In-Ear Headphones w/ Ear Cushions for iPad
$0.99 (lowest price)
Available from 3 Stores
JVC Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones With Remote   Mic
$9.98 (lowest price)
Available from 10 Stores
Power Acoustik HP-10S Wireless IR Stereo Headphone
$24.41 (lowest price)
Available from 7 Stores
GN NETCOM Jabra Headphones and Accessories
$19.76 (lowest price)
Available from 2 Stores
V-Moda Crossfade Shadow M-100-U-SHADOW Headphone, Shadow

Buying Guide For Headphones

From high beat rock to melodious classical notes, headphones keep us amused of all sorts of music and provide an extraordinary experience for our ears and mind. Apart from that, they are handy in making audio calls and video calls from the electronic devices like smartphones, PCs and tabs. Because of their number of times for different user experience, a person may feel perplexed when opting to buy headphones for personal or official use. Check out our tips to buy the right headphone device:

Top Brands & Stores

For good headphones, great sound matters and certain factors affecting this merit are frequency, impedance, sensitivity and tremble. One must watch out the top notch brands in headphone manufacturers like Digital, Sol Republic, Skullcandy, Pioneer, Philips, Beats by Dr. Dre, koss, Yamaha and others displayed onsite to make your purchase a success. Plaza101 has alliances with the best stores in ecommerce retailers. AliExpress, Amazon, Beach Camera, Newegg, Dino Direct and Kmart are many of the few stores from where headphones have been gathered.


You may think that you know all about the headphone features and it isn’t the whole story. Bluetooth, infrared, wireless, waterproof, earbuds, sports and professional headphones are some pricing specs. But there are certain types of headphones that you may like to know for getting closer to your desired one. Noising cancelling, semi, headsets and full sized are few of the many headphone types easily available in the market. One must understand that for different purposes, there are different sort of headphones like for the active lifestyle, gaming, kids, studio or maybe the hard rock listeners. Preference buying is a good way to make a good purchase.

Smart Price Comparison has given you the opportunity to compare prices of a product before buying it. This has seemed to provide uncountable discounted deals for buyers searching for the best products on internet. We hope you find the right headphones that you were looking for at the nicest price.

Please Note: We compare the products prices from over 60 million products and thousands of stores to find the best headphone deals for you. We do our best efforts to verify the products prices displayed on Merchants can change the headphone sale prices anytime without notice. Please always confirm the final price before you buy headphone at the merchants website.